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Inspirational Christian Testimonies 
by Jennifer Phillips

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 Secret Weapon
 Raising the dead
 Apricot Miracle
The Foggy Photo
 Our Gracious God
 God's timely provision
 The Lord is my helper
 God Speaks
 Guiding thoughts
 Desires of your heart
 Sword of the Spirit
 Moshia, Or
 God the greater giver
 King of the bush

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When the heavy boots of the enemy step on me to crush me
I cry out to You, "Lord hide me!"
and You make his boots lighter than a feather.
My enemy becomes cautious around me and side steps me
because You answer me.
You are my shelter.
I will not fear
for You are here.
I will make a highway for you with my praise
and Your reputation will flourish around me.

As you read my true stories by clicking the link on the left, I hope you will catch a glimpse of our Heavenly Father's love. He loves all His children very deeply.

My autobiography "I want to travel with you" containing some of my testimonies to our amazing God is now available.

I Want To Travel With You
I Want To Trav...
By Jennifer Phillips
Photo book

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