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But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; He will speak only what he hears, and He will tell you what is yet to come. John 16:13

All can prophesy, according to the Apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 14:31). He encourages us to desire this spiritual empowerment (and others), and to use it in the context of love. From his question, "Are all prophets?" we assume that not all are, but all are encouraged to eagerly desire the undeserved favours that include empowerment to prophecy.

Prophetic Art

Prophetic Photography


Prophetic Arts

One of the purposes of prophecy is to let us know what the the future will be if nothing intervenes or changes. It can empower us to seek God for solutions to possible troubles. Jesus stilled the storm and we can ask Him to do that too. Jesus walked on the water and we can ask him to stop floods too. Nothing is beyond His control. He shares His ministry with us so we can grow up into Him. Sometimes He waits for us to invite Him to act so we can learn about His power.

"See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you." Isaiah 42:9

Picket fence

Nearly 40 years ago I had a dream I shared with my pastor. In it we had to run to our homes and stay behind our fences in order to be safe. The fence I stood behind was a white picket fence. I could see things like Chinese lanterns floating in the air towards us and saw the word adonia (not Adonai which we translate Lord). The coloued lantern things were not from our Lord.
Earlier this year I asked the Lord if this had come to pass and now with Covid it has. This is the only time in all these years we've had to stay at home in order to be safe.

Prophecy for intercession

Some years ago I was rostered to pray in church and God spoke to me about a volcano errupting, so I prayed that people living near volcanoes would have enough time to get out safely. A week later I heard on the news about a volcanic erruption. They said everyone got out in time. I prayed for the safety of those travelling in aeroplanes at that time as well, and years later, in 2015 I met a lady who had been on one of the planes. Her plane had been diverted from their destination, and they spent some days grounded before they could continue flying. God answered my prayers, and let me know He had.

21/4/23 A Second Giant Wave

Warning dream - and call to prayer.

I was on police patrol duty. I walked along the beach watching the sea for sharks. I saw a number of people swimming in the sea. I thought I saw sharks, but on closer inspection saw they were just very fat, blow-up plastic sharks. They looked very scary but were harmless. Then I saw a great wave, like a wall of water. It was the biggest I’d seen. It was bigger than the one I’d seen in a previous dream (2016 that dream came to pass. I believe it was about Covid). The wave tossed many people and their things around, breaking them. I swam on top of it and knew I had to just keep swimming strongly towards the shore, so as not to be dragged back into the deep waters.

I thought the dream might be just for me but after telling someone who said he'd also had a wave dream, I'm sure it isn't. He'd seen a very big wave on the back of the first one.
While praying about the dream and whether to share it or not, I dreamt the lord led me with a strong hand to a few places but wasn't going to lead me to the next. It was just around the corner. The last time He said, "just around the corner" there was a disaster coming. That came to pass.
When I woke I heard the words, “If you can’t change the past, change the future or the present.”
Last night I had a dream and woke thinking it wasn't a God dream, but the Lord said, "Joseph" and revealed the similarities with Joseph's life, so I'm sharing this warning dream.
I'm praying the Lord will downsize the wave and it's effects. This is the digital image I made of the first dream in 2016.
Wave by Jennifer Phillips

"Open the gate so the sheep can follow the shepherd. Blow the horn to gather the sheep and worship in the Spirit with gladness." This was the message I dreamt in the night.

The Lord says, "Be radiant my bride, for my desire is for you."

18/6/21 Restore the discarded foundational beam.

I dreamt a house we used to live in had been excavated underneath and cleared it out. One of the foundational beams had been cast aside and the house was unsafe as the beam held up the laundry. The laundry floor was rotten and wobbly and the wall was missing. I called to the builders to restore the foundational beam and repair the floor.

July 2020 Building
I've had a number of dreams about buildings. In May of 2018 I dreamt the house I'd been travelling in, past the cows and milking shed, miraculously flew up and arrived where it was meant to be. Two men stood either side, like the two trees the building had flown though. One was called Pain, the other Pilgrim. I'd been calling my daughter to wake up and she finally did. I took hold of her hand and exited the house. I watched as it fell over on it's side.
In another dream my duaghter leapt from the building and took off without a backward glance and I gingerly let myself down from it.
In July 2020 in my dream I heard a very loud sound and flash of light. It sounded to me like a nuclear explosion. I thought it must be one. The roof of the building melted away and all that was left were the beams of the building. The little children took off outside the building and the mothers didn’t follow them. They just let them go. I grabbed my daughter and held her close, so she wouldn’t go with them. She needed her nappy changed.
During Covid 19 we did see the church building fall over symbolically. Now are we going to see part of the protection it gives, melt away? Church buildings have been carrying the church in the past, but this is a new day. There is a way for the church to be church that is more satisfying than just a sermon and songs.

11/5/20 A positive perspective

In a dream, I was adding colour to an image of an orange couch. It was just a lot of black horizontal lines on pale orange. It didn't look like a couch but I knew it was one. I was about to add some shading to the right arm rest to make it look more like a couch, when a voice said the couch was a symbol. The part I was looking at was a door. 

Some thoughts: I believe God was saying to view the lockdown from a positive perspective.
I know door means opportunity and also Jesus called himself the door.
So it seems to me that God is saying, this time at home, of resting indoors can be viewed as an opportunity, an opportunity to lean on and rest in Jesus. We can rest our arm on the arm of the Lord. 

The first name God is known by in the Bible is Elohim. In an ancient alphabet pictogram, the arm of the Lord is part of His name and often refers to His works, so when we rest our arm on the armrest of the couch, The Door, we rest from our works and that can be an opportunity for God to work.

When Jesus spoke of Himself as the door He was talking about other things than opportunity as well. He was speaking of the way he protects His people.

I Googled chair symbol and saw that a chair was symbolic of authority and dignity.
In revelation, the one who sat upon the throne had the appearance of Jasper and sardius, which can be pale orange. Mookaite Jasper that originated in Australia is an orangey colour. The couch symbol was this colour.

We need to rest in Christ and keep our position of authority. We are seated with Him in heavenly places (1 Corinthians 15:22).

12/1/20 Push Off

I had a vision during worship in church. I saw a wharf jutting out into deep dark waters and heard the words, "Push off. Push off." I looked around for a boat but saw none. It was dark. Then I heard the words "Push off. Push off," again. It reminded me of what Jesus said to Peter, "Put out into deep water." The word about going out into the deep water had been in my mind for about a year. In the distance (future) I saw bright light with something like fireworks in it. Then I saw a fountain of water coming down from the sky. The sermon that followed that day was similar: Don't make your decisions based on fear. On the 19th January I had a dream with a similar message about jumping off the building, out of a large door like window. It was like what we sometimes call taking a leap of faith, or letting go.

It's time to let go of many things, to go where Jesus leads. Leave what you thought was the safety of the known, of doing what you've always done, from relying on your culture, stereotypes and tradition. This new path may be as scary as deep water without a boat, but do it. Push off.

Some painteres have been painting a similar theme lately too, so I know the message is not just for me. I made this quick sketch as I had a sudden and Holy Spirit inspired desire to paint while in New Zealand. I bought some cheap paints, brushes and paper.

1/12/19 Water

I was woken by the splash of water from a tear. I felt it and saw an image of a veiled lady with wheat behind her. I fell asleep again and woke with the image of a water pot and the spiralling of the Spirit coming from the water pot.

wheat water jar


24/10/19 Intentional
In a half awake state, I saw a man shaping a thin, supple branch around a pole by rubbing it over and over. I heard the words “I’ve created you for a season.”

In the evening in a church meeting I heard the Holy Spirit say, "I have my finger on you." and we sang words about being a tree.

God is a hand’s on person. He is intimately involved in shaping our lives, working it for specific tasks and special appointed times. He has a purpose for each branch. He is intentional in His work.

Bend a branch

5/7/19 Piano

The congrergation is a neglected instument. The piano also has slipped from its place. The Lord desires to change this. His character is not one of domination over His instruments, yet this is what we see in many churches today. Seek Him for how He wants you all to worship. Don't rely on your own knowledge. It's a new day.

25/3/18 Warning

In a dream I saw a factory where imitation milk-like drink was being made. We all drank it. We were just walking around, not doing anything, and some noticed they’d lost weight and were glad. I suddenly knew what the problem was. Cows ruminated. They chewed on the grass completely and the factory process didn’t do that. The factory put enzymes into their milk to try and imitate the cows process, but the imitation milk left small bits of white plastic like stuff in our bodies, like artery clogging. Then someone noticed and said, “If you leave it in a tray for a while it becomes like a flexible piece of clear plastic.” Someone, a young man greyish looking, made it into the seat of a swing and stuck a welcome mat on it. He then stood on it. He didn’t swing on it. He just stood on it and the bristles that made up the word welcome began to disappear. It didn’t hang from a tree. It seemed to just hang down in the air. I liked the welcome mat (not the swing). It felt good to wipe my feet on the bristles and I said, “I want one of those.” Then I looked away and saw lots of people coming to look at the person on the swing. I looked at him and he was grey, ghost like, completely moitionless.

Parable Interpretation?
People are not feeding on the real milk of the Word, not drinking it, not meditating on it. They are more interested in outward appearances. They want fast imitation food, not to feed themselves on, but to elevate themselves before others.

"In my heart I have treasured up your spoken word so that I might not sin against You." Psalm 119:11

Natural Interpretation?
Today someone told me they were about to try a weight loss product that included shakes. It sounded like the stuff I dreamt about. Some of her friends were happy. They'd done nothing but had lost weight on it. I thought of this dream and think it is a natural warning too. The introductory welcome to the product is a draw card. By the time the welcome products have been used, will the damage have been done? To one person at least.


I dreamt that a great wall of balls of ice and snow like enormous hail was released by something like lightening and I wondered if the wall was holding back water. The hail/snow went flying everywhere. In a mountainous area, houses along a river began to be flooded as the river became a torrent. Some were swept into the icy river. I wondered why they didn't climb the steep mountain instead. People were told to leave their houses but were too slow. Then someone told me about a valley further up . They said, "The whole valley is about to be flooded." I set off to warn the people and passed a row of deserted houses, I presumed were from a previous flood. I came out into the valley and people were standing around a well, staring at it. The water had risen and it looked like the icy covering was about to melt and the water would pour over the top. I started telling people that people were saying the whole valley was about to be flooded. They didn't seem to hear me. Then a man said, "Go to South street, the signs are there." I looked around for him among the people, but he had disappeared. I asked a child where South street was and found it. Along one side was a great wall that had cracks in it. I wanted to get out fast before it came crashing down on me.

When I woke I asked God if I'd seen His storehouse of snow and hail, or if the dream was allegorical.

"Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail ..." (Job 38:22)

A few days later I saw on TV some parts of the world had the most snow they'd had for decades and even some places in Australia which had been experienceing some heat waves, had "unseasonal snow and 'giant hail'"

I was making a quick concept sketch for part of a larger work. I hadn't meant to sketch a flood, just a cliff, some rocks and a wave but this ended up reminding me of the dream.


Don't feed your fears. Feed on the Word of God

I had a strange dream. I had a round flat bladder like object sealed in strong clear plastic like stuff. I knew the stuff inside was dangerous. It would grow. So I cut the plastic to try and flush it away. Immediately I knew I shouldn't have done that. Then I saw it growing in my hand, like a foetus. It divided and grew into two dinosaur like creatures. I broke what was left of the bladder up. It was like grasshoppers. I feed it to the creatures so they wouldn't eat me. They came and stood before me like harmless people. They had turned what they ate into a loaf of bread and held it out in their hands.

The scene changed and I was an old man. I bought enough seed to make a gigantic loaf of bread, so the creatures would have something to eat as long as I lived, so they wouldn't devour people.

The scene changed again and I saw that the enormous loaf of bread was mouldy and nearly finished. There was an old bread factory and the old man's children were all busy rushing around. I asked one, a woman, if the man had died. He had. The woman looked worried. I wondered if the creatures would now devour the old man's children, or if they would continue to feed them and eat the bread they produced.

When I woke and went to church, the Holy Spirit reminded me that Jesus is the bread of life. This bread doesn't produce death in us, but life. What are people feeding themselves with to satisfy earthly desires and fears? If we feed the devourer and he feeds us, death is the natural outcome. If we feed from the Word of God, Jesus, we shall live.

May 2016

The Lord is going to put His pencils in a more prominent place.


[In 2020 my first novel was a finalist in the 2020 next Generation Indie book awards. This sure put my pencil in a more prominent position!

Prophetic Art by Jennifer Phillips

I dreamt a giant wave of water was coming and headed off to warn everyone, but I didn't have time. The water swamped me. It tossed me around a bit then swept me onto a bank to the right of where I was heading, a little bruised and battered. Afterwards I focussed on my small injuries.

When I woke I saw that in my dream I had focussed on my injuries, and not the amazing rescue I'd experienced. I should have drowned in the water. I prayed for God's mercy upon us all. I prayed in the Spirit all sorts of things concerning the possibility of a giant tide of water. My desire was that God reduce it and protect us all.

The following week on June 3rd we had a storm and flash flooding on the Gold Coast. The storm broke one of our trees which fell on the front wall and fence. It also broke two of my pencil sculptures and blew them onto the drive. I will now place them in a more prominent position - minimal damage compared to others. I thanked God, and thanked Him again when the insurance company said they'd fix the wall!
Was this going to be the wave in my dream?
Did God answer my prayer and limit the water? He gave me an allegory from this storm.

The storm wasn't the giant wave downsized. After Covid hit us, I caught it and had convulsions. I was really unwell having been through chemo which caused me to be immunocompromised. I was healed by an angel send from God and chemo. I focussed on my injuries more than my miraculous escape from death. Then I realised the wave was covid.

Listen and take note!
So trust Jesus to bring good from whatever difficulties you are facing right now. Magnify Jesus and live thankfully. Fill your mouths and mind with thankfulness. Jesus has rescued you.

If you have a prophesy about floods or an earthquake or some other disaster, pray. It doesn't have to happen as you see it. God is waiting for His people to ask Him to intervene in this world. He has power to still the storm. Intercede for the people who might be affected by what you see in the Spirit.


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