The Wine Maker & the Song Singer

Love heard the mourning cry
of darkness and of stress
of those afraid to die
some just to change their 'dress'.

The Wine maker feels the pain
and flies just like a bird
to touch the one forlorn
and heal the wing that's torn.

The song singer sings:
The berry bush (Juniper) can flame
the bottled drink within
and flavor it again
to heal the memory pain.

The song singer sings:
There is a well so deep
whose waters wash the soul
renewing life inside
and filling up the hole.

This morning dew can make
the ancient lose his weight.
It wings into a song.
The mourning/morning won't be long.

Wash your face in there
and wipe away the fear.
The woods can flower again
and laughter ease the pain.

(Juiper, Guinevere, Jennifer, allergy fighting fruit)

© 2000 J. K. Phillips