Easter Messenger


Mary was the first,
to see Him risen from the dead.
It was to a woman
the command to speak was said.

"Go and tell the good news."

"Go and tell the others,
what you have seen and heard."
But the others did not believe
the words a woman shared.

"He has risen from the dead!"

God's messenger was a woman.
A sinner prepared the way.
Not a prophet , like John,
who shared the light of day.

For Mary loved the lamb of God.

And Jesus when they saw Him,
rebuked their unbelief.
Would these His own disciples
still cause His servants grief?

Had they still not seen The Image?

Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
I hear the prophets cry.
Why would Mary lie?

Unbelief is death.

So go and tell the good news,
for witnesses you are,
if you have seen the Light
from the brightest morning star.

Faith is active life in men and women.


Luke 24, Mark 16, John 20, Hebrews 11:4

1995 by J. K. Phillips from the book "In Their Likeness" on page 22