A Kings Game

Har Megiddo:
Away in the stables
mangers in a row
where horses free of chariots
would feed in peace and show
the power of the ruling king
with rooms
so full of earthly things.

Ecce Homo:
Another ancient manger
and a game in stone
where the life of "kings"
like Pilate
can be shown
playing for death
without a laurel wreath.

Away above the hills
angels all aglow
heralding the saviour
to shepherds down below
gifting wealth upon the poor
good news
an open door.....

the emptying of God made room
so manger lives can now
be filled and equipped with God
as family so bow...to oneanother
and welcome in His name
all His body parts
with your kingly hearts.

© 2011 by J. K. Phillips