Christian Artist

Drawing water from the well

By chance I met a man today
Who stopped and talked to me.
To me!                           I knew that I must go that way
                                     through a foreign town
                                     and rest a while at Jacobs well
                                     although my friends would frown.
                                     Earthly bread
                                     filled their head.
By chance he asked me for a drink
“You are a Jew” I said.
A Jew!                            I asked the woman for a drink.
                                      It was my Father’s way
                                     to give to her a special gift
                                     for which she couldn’t pay.
                                     O ask of me
By chance I felt inclined to talk
And questioned him at length.
At length!                        I drew from her and she from me
                                      water from our wells.
                                      She drank from my acceptance
                                      until her thirst was quelled.
                                     Truth sparkled forth
                                     through our discourse.
Was it really chance he spoke to me
A prophet, one who sees?
Who sees!
I saw Him too ...
And in my haste to share
I left my water pot
And didn’t even care.
Messiah’s here?
Messiah’s here!


© 2016 by J. K. Phillips

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