I Just Want

There were so many things
I thought I must have
'till You showed me
Your nail pierced hands.

Then the things of this world
seemed as nothing compared
to the blessing of having Your plans.
I just want to live
with you leading.

You lift up the poor scarred stumps
who dwell among the rubbish dumps
of this world
and set them among princes
Your own people!
You give compassion
for the lost and maimed.
Thy are so much in need
of knowing Your name.
Millions of people
just needing Your love.
Let me take Your hands -
what a beautiful glove.

There were so many things
I thought must do -
but Your love tugged so gently
I knew
I just wanted You - Jesus.


©1992 by J. K. Phillips from the book " In His Hands"