The Master Mind (Ephesians)

He masterminded the human race
and made our home to be 
His place.
    Outside His garden
    the hungry crave
    the fruit of life
    not knowing…
    He left His grave
    clothes in the tomb 
    and in His life 
    there is a womb
    where thirst is quenched.

With open arms
He welcomes all
and spreads a feast
that shatters walls...
around the heart.

A storehouse rich 
with special gifts
grows His love 
to heal the rifts
and like the hen
who gather’s her chicks
He lights the wicks 
of kinsmanship.

He masterminded the ancient plan
to bring together from every land
the choicest gifts:
flowers of earth immortalized
filled with power
to be bouquet'd
ribboned with the blood of grace.
He Masterminded the Master's race. 

© 2002 J. K. Phillips (edited 2014)