A Whale of a Truth

There once was a prophet named Jonah
Who hired a ship from “her” owner
Was thrown overboard
Of his own accord
And sank down to Sheol quite a loner.

A fish of the sea was so great
Swallowing Jonah like bait
God's word she did heed
And with vomit and reed
She delivered the prophet his fate.

Now Nineveh too was so great
In size and in evil and ‘weight'
so the call came again
and come hail or rain
Jonah prophesied Nineveh 's fate.

How well Jonah knew God, he said
And this was the reason he fled
The people repented
And so God relented
So what made him wish he was dead?

Well to Jonah it was a great evil
a plant being killed by a weevil
angry enough to cry
he told his soul to die
yet he wished for a city's upheaval!

There once was a rhyme to discern
A time to take heed and not spurn
The whale of a truth
In a wail from a booth
A time when a moral was learned.

So what are you meant to see?
The man you think Jonah should be?
Well the chiasms point the way
Confess to all they say
that God made the heavens the land
                                                and the sea..

and.....(vaw consecutive)
converse tho you'd rather flee.