John 14

Why be afraid
when you can be glad
there are lies afoot
and Truth to be had.

Whatever you feel
is not a "done deal"
but opportunity
          to see
the winning hand
taste the good fruit
of your Father's land (plan).

"Thy kingdom come"
to rest in you.
"Thy kingdom come"
so you will too.

The glory of God
can be seen for the asking

© 2006 J. K. Phillips This poem and encouragement below is the result of meditating on John 14.

Don't allow your heart to be troubled or afraid.
There are things you can do to prevent the thief from stealing your peace.

You can beacause you have The turth is you don't have to be afraid. You were created for rejoicing so rejoice. God will never leave you. He wants to make His home in you.