Surround me my bride, like a precious wall
with all the warmth of your love,
for God has made our flesh as one.
Come clothe my hands with your glove.
                     Ezer, the word is ezer.

Protect my my bride, with the wall of your prayers
and speak the words that God gives,
for without your support we cannot show
that Jesus our saviour lives.
                     Ezer, the word is ezer.

Help me my bride, be a garden of fruit.
Come build with me every day,
for greater things there are to do.
God gave you His life as your pay.
                     Ezer, the word is ezer.

I love you my bride, little almond branch.
Let's obey the the command of our King.
"Submit to each other" and unto our Lord
for we're like His signet ring.
                     Ezer, the word is ezer.

I love you my bride, white stone of great price
for Jesus has written His name
on your heart and your walls as a sign of His love.
We are one.
Let our love be the same.
                     Ezer, the word is ezer.


© 1995 by J. K. Phillips
From the book: "In Their Likeness"