Christmas Gift

The gift of ages
wrapped in man
given by God
whose secret plan
was finally unveiled
not by letter - not by phone
not on behalf
but God alone in person - saying
"I love you"

We celebrate Your birth.
You are the Gift of gifts.
We give you room to live
in this manger life of ours.

He clothed the word
so blind could see
and hold the key
to unsolved imagery.
"The Secret" uncovered
surprised the world
bandaged in tradition and mummified.
For them He was too real
too close for comfort;
too open - too knowing.
They stumbled in His light
and tried to turn it out.
He was too hard a sight.
For a moment the unseen was seen
yet not seen.

Easter Gift

We celebrate Your life.
We want Your light.
We acknowledge Your right
to past and future
and to now.

The Dance Maker danced with words
like none had ever heard before.
How poor are our translations!
He plucked ears of corn
and the corns of years were plucked
and ears were opened at His touch.
Each seed He sowed produced "100 fold"
like water rippling on and on
His life and work continue strong.
Nothing shall destroy it.
Though death pursued Him all the time
this life-line ladder - "Fresh new wine"
quenched the fires of hell licking at His feet
and made a bridge
so God and man could meet.

We mourn Your death for we have sinned.
The great eternal treasure and reward
spent to redeem God's treasure - us.
Resurrection, Life
we celebrate You.
S on of man - Son of God
Our dream come true.
We love You.


Copyright 1995 from the book "In Their Likeness" by J. K. Phillips