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Christian Music

by Jennifer Phillips

Bread of Life
Go Like A Song
How Great is the Lord
You O Lord Are The Wisest One
God Makes A Home For The Lonely
Prepare For battle
Where Can I Go
Love And Love Again
There's a Fountain of Love
Christ In Us
Walk on the Water
Love And Love Again
Good Morning
Jesus Wants to help us
There is Work to do
Jesus Jesus Jesus

How Great (mp3)
Amazing are the things God Does (mp3)
Walk on the Water (mp3)
We Shall All Sing

Bread of Life (youtube)
Lionhearted Overcomers (youtube)
Arise Arise (youtube)
Build Me A Sanctuary (youtube)
Call to the Lord (youtube)
Spontaneous Singing
Hebrew Aleph Beit

Other songs by Jennifer Phillips
can be seen in some of her books

My songs can be viewed or listened to by clicking the link on the left.

If you would like a printable copy, email me. You may have them free of charge to help you worship God.


Worship can be spontaneous or structured. We can sing a spontaneous new song or one that's written and practiced. Both were part of the worship that took place in the Tabernacle.

The worship of Zion was "conducted by priests who were skilled singers and instrumentalists. They performed according to certain prescribed musical patterns, some of which may be reflected in the superscriptions of the Psalms. At the same time there was room for spontaneity. Some interpreters believe that the 'new song' (Psalms 33:3, 96:1, 149:1), and the selah often mentioned in the Psalms, refer to outbreaks of improvised praise."  www.laudemont.org/a-dwmfr.htm

Perhaps 'selah' means to throw off the yoke, lift up your heart and exalt the Lord. Hang on the last note, musicians, so everyone can exalt the Lord without the melody constraints [BDB, 699].

I love singing spontaneously, worshiping God from the heart without being limited by having to try and find the words or being constrained by a particular melody. I have lead this kind of singing in some churches.