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Jennifer Phillips Author jennifer Phillips

Hebrew Resources

Be encouraged by reading my testimonies,
and declarations of praise to God in the form of
art, music, poetry, words and images.
Receive the blessings my site has to offer
and give God the praise and thanks
for anything of value here.

An allegory from my garden

Try and see photo Jordan river
         Jordan River

Let's magnify Jesus above everything else, not our situation or our troubles or ourselves. Jesus is Lord of all. He came in the flesh as Emmanuel - God with us and He is here now in our midst. Let's honour the Holy Spirit who points us to Jesus. Let's follow where He leads and pray to our Heavenly Father who loves us all so much, He sent His darling son Jesus to give us new life - abundant and eternal. He is our safe place. Let us love one another too for we are His beloved even if we don't resemble Him all the time - and we don't.

(One day my friend Gwen said to me, "Magnify Jesus." I meditated upon this and wrote the above encouragement.)


My latest book: "Find The Ancient Path" was a finalist in the 2020 Next generation Indie Book Awards.

It can be purchased as an ebook from Amazon or borrowed from th library or ordered through books stores. Supplier is IngramSpark.

My poem "I Love This Gum Treed Country" won first prize in the GCWA 2020 Anthology.


Eco Lanterns

Each of us is a caretaker of the land.
We have a place where we can stand
like eco lanterns.
No one else can take our place.
The territory has our name on it.
We wear the crown
allowing light or darkness.

This world is not the end
yet we tend
to think and live
as though this is all there is.

The battles worth fighting
are the lies and arguments
the self talk we believe
that hides the good future
the hope of eternal Love
a life with Christ
that never ends.

Rejoice in the river art by Jennifer Phillips
Rejoice in the river