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I did this fairly literal translation of Jonah for my Hebrew 2 assignment  29.4.2011 Charles Sturt University

1:4 And the Lord caused a great wind to be hurled upon the sea and a great storm came on the sea and the ship thought to break up.

1:5 And the sailors feared and they cried together, each man unto his god/s, and they hurled the cargo, which was in the ship, into the sea to make them light, and Jonah went down into the womb of the ship and lay down, and he was deeply asleep.

1:6 And the master of the ship approached him and he said, “Arise! Call unto your God! Perhaps God will give a thought to us and we will not perish.”

1:7 And they said, each man unto his companion, “Come! and let us cast lots and we will know on account of whom this evil is upon us” And they cast lots and the lot fell upon Jonah.

1:8 And they said unto him, “Pray tell to us, on account of whom this evil is upon us? What is your occupation and from where do you come? What is your country and from which people are you?

1:9 And he said unto them, “I am a Hebrew and I fear the Lord God of the heavens who made the sea and the dry (land).”

1:10 And the men feared a great fear and they said unto him, “What have you done!”, because the men knew that from before the Lord he was fleeing, because he had made it known to them.

1:11 And they said unto him, “What is to be done (should we do) to you so that the sea may cease from upon us, because the sea is going on and storming?”

1:12 And he said unto them, “Lift me up and hurl me unto the sea so that the sea may cease from upon you, for I know that on account of me this great storm is upon you”

1:13 And the men dug down to get back to the dry land but they didn’t prevail because the sea was going on and storming (worsening) upon them.

1:14 And they called unto the Lord and they said, “We pray Lord, do not let us perish for the life of this man and may you not place upon us innocent blood, for you are the Lord, you have taken pleasure in  that which you have done (you do whatever you want).

1:15 And they lifted Jonah and they hurled him into the sea and the sea stopped from his (its) storming.

1:16 And the men feared the Lord - a great fear and they sacrificed a sacrifice to the Lord and they vowed vows.