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My latest literary projects include a children's novel, a series of learning to read resources, an anthology of poetry, a book showing the development and inspiration of my visual art, a recipe book and a daily devotional book.

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"Word Power Poetry & Poetics"

contains visual, concrete and digital poems and can now be purchased from: amazon.com

ISBN: 0-9751958-6-7

Year of release: 2012

Israel Photographed

"Israel Photographed:
with photographic tips"

Contains photographic tips and photos taken in Israel and can be purchased from: amazon.com

ISBN: 0-9751958-2-4

Year of release: 2011

In His Time by Jennifer Phillips

In His Time

Christian Poetry

ISBN: 0-9583598-0-6

Year of release: 1983
Binding: stapled

$20 (includes postage)

You can buy an Ebook of "Israel Photographed: with photographic tips" for $5.99

You Can Make A Web Site by J. Phillips





You Can Make A Web Site

ISBN: 0-9751958-0-8

Year of release: 2004

Out of print

© 2000 From New Zealand by Jennifer Phillips

© 2000 From New Zealand

ISBN: 0-9583598-3-0

Year of release: 2000
Out of print

In Their Likeness by Jennifer Phillips

In Their Likeness

ISBN: 0-9583598-2-2

Year of release: 1995
Out of print

In His Hands by Jennifer Phillips

In His Hands

ISBN: 0-9583598-1-4

Year of release:1992

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Facebook Author page: jenniferkathleenphillips