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About Jennifer Phillips

I praise God for all the amazing things He does and has done and for all the gifts He gives. He has honoured me and given me joy and crowned my efforts with enormous success even in the most difficult of situations, and what He's done for me, He can do for you too. I am nothing without Him and can do no good thing without His help. I ask His help and He gives it.

Life is a wonderful gift and we have been given the ability to make choices in how we live it. I am living mine in Australia as a Christian: an author, artist, teacher, poet, songwriter, speaker, preacher, webmaster, wife and mother; empowered by Jesus, who adds to my talents as the years unfold.

Jennifer means a white wave. I am a white wave, a breaker in the hand of the Lord.
In a vision I saw God as deep, crystal clear, pure and holy water, so clean it was terrifying. As I gazed at the water, it hurt like a knife cutting, yet it was so beautiful I didn't want to stop looking. And this awesome God is the deep water supporting this white wave and causing it to terrorize and swamp the enemies of God in the spiritual realm. (poem).

A shortened version of my autobiography containing some of my testimonies to the mighty power of God is now available including a time when I died and was brought back to life by the Word of God. Preview of some of the pages below.

I want To Travel With You
I want To Trav...
By Jennifer Phillips
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