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A High Perspective by Jennifer Phillips

Come up perspective I began preparing for an evening of prayer and worship by painting this image. However, the paint came off so I couldn't complete it. I began preparing to repaint it after adding gesso to the canvas. Before I could, I was at a meeting worshiping God and had a vision of the ribbons I'd painted in this unfinished painting, released into the heavens above where we were worshiping. Afterwards, the Holy Spirit spoke let me know He wanted me to do it from a different perspective, a high perspective, without the fragile glass vessel. So I re-sketched it on the canvas and the Holy Spirit pointed out a volcano. Originally, it was going to be a hill or a mountain, so I prepared this quick sketch of a volcano erupting with the ribbons I use to dance with. After this, while at church, before the evening of prayer and worship, I had a vision of a line with water above and water below. I wonderd what the lord was saying.
I wasn't well on the evening of prayer and worship, so couldn't join the other artists painting, but someone else painted a volcano above the snake line during the event. I will complete this painting soon.

A High Perspective sketchThe Lord is calling us to come up, to arise and see things from a high perspective, a heavenly one (the waters above). Come up. We are called to be a dynamic hot burning volcano, not a fragile static glass vessel. Dunamis power. The Holy Spirit is explosive power.
From this high perspective, the power of God is seen more than the vessel.
We are not called to improve the "old man" in us but to make room for the "new man." The old has gone, now Christ is in us. The image has changed. The old image is a low perspective, one where the vessel is more obvious than the power of God that comes from it.

wew are volcanoes

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