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Trumpeting Abundance

Trumpeting Abundance by Jennifer Phillips

Along with the other participating artists, at the Creative Hearts Art gallery in Australia Fair, Southport, I gave a short talk about "Trumpeting Abundance." Youtube: Ci3ezXYeCV0

"The Vine" was given to us as the 'seed' for a Creative Hearts Art art exhibition in Australia Fair. I had a vine in the garden, not grapes and it had lovely trumpet shaped flowers. I'd seen them in a vision before I found them in my garden. I thought I'd paint them, but in my daily Psalm reading I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to focus on "The mountains drip with sweet wine."

I sketched an image of wine dripping form a mountain into a wine glass but didn't like it. I made a sketch of the vessels that were used for wine around the time the psalm was written. I thought I'd paint that but during worship at church, I had a vision of a waterfall and cloud and felt the abundance in God's presence. I realised the words "Drip" were meant to convey the abundance of wine but I'd been imaging them as only drips.

After church I visited a friend and as I began to tell her what I'd seen in the vision, the Holy Spirit pointed out a Bible verse on her table. It was from Psalm 65:11-12 "Your paths drip with abundance."

I said to the Lord, the cloud would be hard to paint so the image looked good, and immediately the Holy Spirit put the image of a different shaped cloud into my mind. I began to paint the waterfall and the mountain on the right hand side. I didn't fill the left hand side with the cloud but made it look as though it was about to burst down.

Online a friend mentioned Jacaranda flowers and I looked up the meaning of the word. It was "fragrant." I picked a bunch from our garden and used them as trumpeting flowers. They were the colour of royalty and fitted the art better. They also grow in clusters like grapes so fitted the theme.

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