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Silver Lining

Silver Lining art by jennifer Phillips

peeling ceilingSome years after buying our house in Canberra, I began thinking we had made a mistake in buying it. The Magnolia tree had died in the heat the previous summer. The house was too small and among other things, the ceilings had started peeling. I had never seen peeling ceilings before. It was disappointing like a waterless cloud, but this cloud had a silver lining. The peelings looked so lovely curling down, just like the curling of the bark off the trees I passed every day. I photographed them and used these photos to create "Silver Lining." 

 I had been thinking about Joseph who had his coat of many colours torn from him. He was then thrown into some difficult situations, but his cloud had a silver lining too. It made it possible for him to serve not only the Pharaoh but many other nations who came to Egypt for the food needed during the famine. It seemed to me God had used our difficulties to get us to a place where He wanted to bless us as well, but the greatest treasure, the silver lining in every cloud was the Holy Spirit. Just as the beauty of the peelings was the silver lining on the disappointment of my ceilings, so my permanent treasure no matter what earthly treasures I lost was God's gift of His Spirit to dwell in me; an ever present, present.

In 2006 it was awarded Diploma of Excellence. (Honorable award) in the Realtime Juried Online Global Art Annual Award.

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