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You are the roof over my head

Roof overhead art work by Jennifer Phillips the Australian National Gospel Happening (NGH) Art Exhibition 2005

When I was five months pregnant, I left work. I took my Super out and decided to renovate our home. I'd renovated the house in my mind for some time, creating it into my ‘dream house’ and now I had the money to do it. The renovations significantly improved our lifestyle.

Even though we had extended the house twice and added a spa pool, I still day dreamed of more additions until I read the following Scripture in Psalm 49:11: "you name your estates after yourselves as though your lands could be yours forever." God’s word was timely. My mind was too much on the things of this world. I recorded the realization in some poems and added them to my growing collection.

Hand in hand with Jesus

There's a time of perfect contentment
a place of pure delight
known by the 'tents' of Jesus
who trust in His strength and might.

They know the gain of surrender
and can tell of marvelous things
done by the One they accepted
to replace themselves as king.

They love Him with utter dependence
for he is completely strong
The Potter, the One who made them
is the place where they belong.

Dream Home

The houses here
cannot compare
with what is planned for us.
No eye has ever seen before
the wonderful things God has in store
for us.

No earthly dreams
nor man-made schemes
can fill the heart of man
with lasting satisfaction
the Spirit of God can.

The perfect house
within God's love
will last the test of time.
I will not covet other ones
I'll take my God as mine.

"A Prayer of Moses the man of God. Lord, You are our dwelling from generation to generation." Psalm 90:1

Well it turned out just as God had pointed out to me - our house was indeed only a temporary home. When we sold it we'd over capitalized on it because we weren't thinking of it they way God was.

When we renovated our second home, I was still thinking about my "Dream home" until I came across a similar Bible verse. It spoke about houses being temporary dwellings again. So when we moved to Canberra and bought our third home, I didn't want to make the same mistake. Consequently the house never felt like a permanent home and I didn't even screw my cooking utensil rack onto the wall! I leaned it against the wall and there it stayed unsecured all the years we were there!

Roof overhead pool by PhillipsI was thinking about how God had dried up the sea making a road for His people to travel on and how they wandered through the wilderness guided by cloud and fire. They had forty years with God as the only permanent roof over their head - Eleytsuwr, God the Rock and so I created an art work where the houses were made from the rock texture. I put a "roof frame" over the road through the mountains, as a symbol for the protective attribute of God and put a hole in the rock with water gushing out into a pool the same shape as the door frame. I did this to represent the time when Moses struck the rock as God had commanded in order to provide water for the thirsty. I called it, "You are the roof over my head" as a reminder that all other houses we build, buy or renovate are only temporary dwelling places. Our real and permanent home is in God.

I exhibited it first in the the Australian National Gospel Happening (NGH) Art Exhibition 2005.

In 2015 when we had begun thinking of our fifth home, someone said, "We are God's dream house." It made me smile. I'd begun dreaming again of the kind of house I wanted next and God was dreaming of me. How lovely He is. Where You want me Lord, is where I want to be.

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