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Prophetic Art: Long Life


I was at home recovering from surgery to my TM joint. The cushioning disc had been dislocated a second time in my 5th car accident and the surgeon stitched it back into place again and removed a lot of scar tissue. While in Hospital my blood pressure was either too high or too low. It still wasn't stable when I got home. I wasn't feeling very well and was about to have some scans and another blood test because of possible kidney or other organ trouble. 

Our second car had been stolen, so my transport to various places was limited and I was lounging around the house a lot. I didn't feel up to doing much. Then out of the blue, my daughter turned up to stay for a few days. She'd taken time off work. I perked up and immediately knew that God had given me what I needed before I even knew what I needed. I had been feeling "down" and thinking that I was going to die soon ... I was on the way out as my blood tests seemed to indicate.

The following week a friend came and took me to visit an art gallery. It was very pleasant even though the talking was a bit too much for my jaw. It made my speech slurry. God was providing the practical help I needed.

Long Life art by Jennifer PhillipsI started another art work and asked God what I should call it. I opened the bible and the words from Isaiah jumped out at me. They were perfect ... you will build houses and live as long as trees and long enjoy the work of your hands (summarized). I knew that God was speaking to me in my situation as well and received a burst of joy. My visit to the doctor later that day confirmed it in my mind. I wasn't going to die just yet.

The scan I'd had showed that my kidney was thinning but OK. The first scan I'd had 10 years earlier showed one recognize nodule. The second a few years later had shown two and now there was only one again! Some things about the gallbladder had improved and some hadn't. Overall there was nothing much to worry about there. The urine retest was fine too. The doctor thought the previous tests must have been misinterpreted because the retests had improved so much! 

 I wasn't on the way out as fast as I had been feeling or as fast as the first tests had indicated! I began reminding myself that I would long enjoy the work of my hands and some enthusiasm returned. I was able to get to work on some unfinished tasks around the house again.

How miserable life would be
without God's word to encourage me.
How miserable life would be
without His helpers who walk the miles
to touch the world with healing smiles.

So here I am, a pot with roots going deep down into the water and the solid foundation of Christ the rock and my dwelling. His arms like arches can be seen above ground in this life and are also reflected in the life giving water which can't be seen with the naked eye.

I never liked the finished art work much so I've never had it printed; too weird. I haven't built a house yet. Maybe I'll help refugees or homeless to build theirs or will it be the temple of God - His church ... or both? I will be living forever though even if my earthly life is like that of a tree.

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