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These Art works were done by Jennifer Phillips between the age of 17 and 24.

I asked God to help me and He crowned my work with success. Apart from Christ, I can do no good thing. He lights my light so the world can see what kind of Father God can be.

The gift The shell Through the window Discarded Broken Shells 2 Checkered pathnature Flower drawing The Sacrifice Baptism A Person Photo and pencil coral and man Hear My Cry For Help Something beautiful for God A birds eye view 1972 The Marae leave it at the foot of the cross Sails The greatest in the kingdomCarvingHArvest art by Jennifer Phillips Tree fruits take time

When I was 14 I became a Christian and wondered how to reflect this in my art.

These Art works were done between the ages of 11 and 16.

The heavens display the glory of God. The firmament His handiwork Gathered together as in a bottle heavenlycity Praise From The Rock Three early works Three early works Living water Age 17 pointalism Hump 1 Dancer Dancers self portrait by Jennifer Dancing group pattern by Jennifer Age 13 pastel inkpot Age 13 Age 13 Age 13 Age 13 Age 13 White horse horses Wild and free Age 13 1st sunset Age 11 Soldier Age 11 Independence Day