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Christian Art
by Phillips

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 David's Song
 Rejoice in the river
 Loved - Never forgotten
 Silver Lining
 Just around the corner
 Ancient Ruins
 Affluent: Grafted in
 The Redemptive Pattern
 I will carry you
 Valley of Achor
 Salt of the Earth
 Long life
 Roof overhead
 NVArt Sureal competition
 Alpha Star
 Prophetic Art

 Art Bio

Art Bio

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"Jesus has helped me and crowned my efforts with success."

As a child Jennifer loved making Art. Every Christmas along with her siblings she received a colouring in book, pencils and crayons that she loved. She entered competitions and won prizes for her work, that ranged from sandsaucer designs to seed necklaces.

At the age of six her teacher entered her plasticine model in the Hokitika District High School Centennial Flower Show where she competed in the Open section against High School children to win second place.

In 1969 Phillips moved to Australia where the landscape made a deep impression on her. While in Australia she was recognised and honoured as a youth leader and achieved the highest possible marks for the state secondary school art exams.

Out of 800 students entries, she won the "Conserve Water Art Poster," and had her work published in newspapers and magazines. She started a junior art group and with the help of her art teacher, arranged her first group exhibition in 1970. She sold her first acrylic piece during the one day exhibition. She spent much of her spare time making art, swimming and athletic training, becoming an Australian state champion athlete when she was 14. She was invited to join the Austraian Olympic training squad but did not take up the offer. Instead at the age of 17 she returned to New Zealand and six months later entered Teachers College and began University studies.

In 1973, she was sponsored to attend the Canterbury Arts Workshop for gifted secondary art students mostly as an observer to explore the potential of holding multi-arts workshops.

In 1974 she held her first solo art exhibition in the Massey University Library and completed her three years at the Palmerston North Teachers College (now College of Education) majoring in art (3 years) and maths (2 years). She also completed a third of a degree at the same time. She went on to teach in a number of Hawkes Bay Primary Schools for eight years, continued to train for athletics and squash and enjoyed hosting overseas visitors who belonged to Mensa or different Christian groups.

Phillips returned to part-time teaching in 1995 when her youngest child went to school. She taught art, visual merchandising and retail as well as some adult classes in screen-printing and guitar.

In 2000 she emigrated to Australia and because she had worked in a home-based printing business designing business cards, flyers and logos and had taught herself HTML, she was able to create web sites that opened the door for teaching IT at secondary schools and developing digital art skills. In 2003 she also completed an IT Diploma which opened the door for her to gain more computer art skills.

In 2004 Phillips also began exhibiting her digital art.

In 2006 was awarded the honourable Diploma of Excellence award in the "Realtime" Juried Online Global Art Annual Award and was given the "Peoples Choice Award" for "loved - Never Forgotten" at the "Art Views in the Hills" exhibition in Wanniassa, ACT. She also received an award for her idea for the Canberra 100 celebrations and held her first solo digital art exhibition.

In 2007 she was awarded the honourable Diploma of Excellence award again in the "Art Now 2" Juried Online Global Art Annual Award and was given the "Peoples Choice Award" for "Hour glass view- we party on without much forethought" at the "Art Overboard awards" exhibition in Bungendor, NSW.

In 2008 her art work was published on the front of a car and in a number of Canberra papers and three of her art works with commentaries were published in the art book "Being Human" curated by Stuart Davey. She held a solo art exhibition and continues to exhibit in a variety of galleries on and off line.

In 2015 Jennifer thought it might be best to get rid of all her bios. She wants to magnify Jesus instead of promoting herself. She's praying about this one.