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The Valley of Achor by Jennifer Phillips

Valley of AchorI used 3D software called Terragen to create the background for this image. I used a photo I took at Jindabyne in NSW, Australia as a surface texture for the background. I added a tree growing on the rock face in Photoshop.

In June 2006, as I looked at the image I thought about the valley of weeping becoming a place of refreshment, but couldn't remember the name of the valley. As I was trying to remember, the Holy Spirit put the name "Achor" into my mind. It was not the name I had been trying to remember, so I searched and found the verse I wanted - Psalm 84:5-7. I named the art: Rain/reign in the pool of Baca (Weeping).

I didn't know what the word "achor" meant, so I looked it up and found out that my art was perfect for the image (Hosea 2:14, 15). The valley of Achor (trouble) becoming a "Door of Hope." The space between the cliffs was like a "door." So I widened it.

I added more rocks and a rusty watering can and decided that it should be called by the name the Holy Spirit had popped into my mind. The Valley of Achor.

Some time later a lady saw this art work and said the colour was just like what she had seen in one area of Israel.

Achor by Jennifer Phillipsnovel by Jennifer Phillips

In 2013 I used this art work as the basis for a scene in a Christian novel called "Seekers Finders Finders Keepers: Find the ancient path."

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