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David's Song

David's Song

I asked God what I should paint next and a vision of a mountain surrounded by/on cloud came into my mind so I sketched it. It reminded me of a vision I’d had in church of the lighthouse on clouds which speaks of the moveable nature of God leading His people in the day.

I painted pink clouds, but the paint all peeled off and I liked the shape of the mountains and the parchment colour beneath, so I used a paint colour called parchment for the clouds. It was very symbolic, because I was painting an image of a parchment to represent the Scripture that speaks of God as a mountain! I asked God what I should put in the image and as I read my daily Bible reading, the Holy Spirit mentioned, “Waterfall.”

I changed the mountain back to one peak and planned to add water coming from the rock. As I looked at what I’d done, I saw the impression of darker clouds in the sky above the mountain. I'd never seen a vision like that before - God overlapping my painting with His suggestion as I looked at it, so I added them. so I added them.

The following Sunday in church during the worship, an image of a mountain peak that curved around came into my mind, only it was facing the opposite direction from the one I'd painted. Did the Lord want me to change my painting? Then I realised, if I added it to the painting the mountain would look like it was hugging itself and show the community that is our God. So I asked the Lord if He wanted me to paint the mountain He'd just shown me.

Then a bit later during worship, I saw a cloudy mist and wondered what the Lord was saying. It was white, not parchment like in my painting and it seemed like it was in our midst. So I added white to the parchment colour.

As I was painting suddenly the Holy Spirit took control of my hand and painted an area at the base of the mountian. It looked like the base of a waterfall. I hadn't planned to put it there, but decided to leave it there. I was working with the Lord in a way I'd not experienced before. He had control of my hand, not me. It was an unexpected and unusual sensation.

I wasn’t sure if I should put the shadows in the middle. I did as I was thinking about the darkness surrounding God. I looked up 2 Samuel 22 and read David’s song. I realised then that lightning bolts could cause shadows to be opposite each other on a mountain, so I added them.

2 Samuel 22: " He parted the heavens and came down. Dark clouds were under his feet ... He made darkness a canopy around Him, a gathering of water and thick clouds."

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