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Raised from death
Testimonies by Jennifer Phillips

I went in and had the third lot of surgery in three years. The surgery went well the surgeon said. He had contoured the bone and correctly re-positioned the displaced cushioning disc which had been pushed firmly down on some fibrous tissue that was impinging the movement of my jaw, as a result of the latest car accident. The disc was being cushioned instead of being a cushion!

After the surgery, I wasn't itchy as I had been after past operations, but I was very sleepy. Nurses came in and keep talking to me wanting to know if I was always this sleepy, but I was asleep again.

I was upset. This was my third operation in this Hospital and each time my sugar levels had been too high. The so called "diabetic" diet was full of sugar and there was nothing for me to suck up a straw. I knew I had to go onto the blended diet. I could add milk to it in order to drink it, but this needed the doctor's approval. He gave it to me the following day as I was so upset. 

That day I awoke and needed medication for the nausea. My balance wasn't good. That evening I had trouble breathing. I would begin to doze off and suddenly I couldn't breathe. This usually jolted me awake. On one occasion it didn't. About 4 in the morning I was outside my body looking at it. I got such a shock when I realized it was my body I was looking at. It looked frighteningly ugly. I'd never seen a dead body before. It was grey and blue around the mouth. My body was dead!

Suddenly I heard God proclaim the word "Wellbeing" and rainbow coloured lights went into the right side of my face. Then the grey look began to go and the normal colour came back into my face. Then I was back in my body looking out through my eyes and filled with great joy. I began praising God. There seemed to be a crowd of people above me praying for me and rejoicing. I felt so much better.

The word of God is powerful. Life and death are in God's hand. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead, had raised me up too. Death could not hold Jesus back and it couldn't hold me back, nor could it prevent God's purposes for me from coming to pass.

On subsequent visits to the surgeon he said, "Don't you scar?" At first I thought that it was just his good surgery but each time I visted him he asked me the same thing after looking at the area he had cut. After the third time I thought God must have done something special to my skin as well ... no scarring!

TM joint surgery Stitches

These photos were taken when I was back home after each lot of surgery to left and right TM joint.

Roseanne birthDuring the labour of our 3rd child, Roseanne, I couldn't find the muscles needed to push the baby out. This action had been affected during a car accident. Finally I cried out loud to Jesus for help. Immediately I felt strength coming down through my head showing me how to push.

The baby had very wide shoulders and the cord was tight around her neck. The doctor cut the cord but couldn't get her out. Finally she was born gray and not breathing. The doctor looked very anxious and unsure of who to help first. He left the baby on the cold table and turned to help me. He wasn't going to help her to breathe.

I told him to go and help the baby to breathe and to forget about me. He went back to her and I prayed silently in tongues until she was breathing. The baby was whisked off somewhere and I felt very ill and vomited. The placenta was more like broken up bits of jelly not at all like the firm ones I had had with the previous two babies, so it was a miracle our baby lived.

Our baby had a heart mummer and was very big as I had been diabetic during the pregnancy. She only just fitted into the incubator. Well, it just so happened that while I was still in the hospital, the leading New Zealand heart specialist was visiting Napier for a few days and it just so happened that he had his special heart equipment with him. So baby Roseanne was able to have her heart checked out. She had a small hole in it that was checked from time to time but he said she was ok. I continued to pray for her and some years later the mummer was no longer heard. Some time after the birth the doctor told me he had been very worried about both of us and hadn't known who to help first. When Roseanne went to school she was tested and discovered to be intellectually gifted which is amazing considering her lack of oxygen at birth and the length of time it took her to begin breathing. Nothing is impossible for God ... He is God and He is Life, resurrection life.

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