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Adonai Jireh - The Lord is my provider
Testimonies by Jennifer Phillips

February 2020
I had too many art works and began giving them away. Peter Kumar, whom I'd never met before and who didn't know me, prophesied to me saying among other things, “Don’t give everything away.” So I stopped giving my art away and wondered what God wanted with them. They were stored in the garage and 15 ended up getting wet and mouldy, from a leak that went from the kitchen right through the wall into the garage. The insurance payout which was the maximum for unspecified art works was $5000. At the time I thought God just wanted to bless me but today I went to the dentist and found out the cost. It was just over $5000, but after hearing my story, the dentist reduced it to exactly $5000.

October 2016
I had been thinking I needed some bibles to give to new Christians and a stranger walked up to me outside the library and asked if I wanted the book he had. It was a large bible.

I was going to buy some flowers but had a thought that someone would give me some so didn't. Well I bumped into a friend with a trolley full of groceries. She didn't have a car, so I offered her a ride home. She accepted, and handed me a bunch of roses as we parted. I was surprised. They were so lovely and matched our kitchen perfectly and she's never seen inside my house!

December 2010
I was running late for an appointment and couldn't find a free park so I parked in a pay parking area. When I went to pay for the ticket I found I only had 10 cents and 2 five cent coins that were of no use. I put the 10 cents in the metre which gave me about 5 minutes, as I thought at least there would be a ticket showing in my car. When my ticket came out of the machine, there was another one there with it. It had 3 and a half hours on it! This extra ticket gave me enough time for my appointment and shopping afterwards. There was still an hour left on the ticket when I returned, so I gave it to the next person who took my parking place. God is generous. He gave me enough for myself and some to give away!

"You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion" (2 Corinthians 9:11 (New International Version)).

I came home late and needed to take a desert with me to an evening meal we were going to. I looked in the cupboards but there wasn't anything that didn't take more time than I had, to make. I said to the Lord "What am I going to take for desert?" A few minutes later a friend came round with an apple pie. The Lord is my provider! He has proven this time and time again and always on Time!

Our daughter needed a new pair of tracksuit pants and 3 tops. When I saw the price of new ones I thought they were too expensive. I decided I would have to make them. That night a friend came round with 3 tops for our daughter!

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