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Inspirational Christian Testimonies 
by Jennifer Phillips

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Adonai Jireh - The Lord is my provider so I will not be anxious.

I came home late and needed to take a desert with me to an evening meal we were going to. I looked in the cupboards but there wasn't anything that didn't take more time than I had, to make. I said to the Lord "What am I going to take for desert?" A few minutes later a friend came round with an apple pie. The Lord is my provider! He has proven this time and time again and always on Time! Below are more testimonies of how God has shown me this aspect of His character.

My daughter needed a new pair of tracksuit pants and 3 tops. When I saw the price of new ones I thought they were too expensive. I decided I would have to make them. That night a friend came round with 3 tops for my daughter!

I don't normally buy magazines but one day I felt like reading some. I didn't mention this to anyone but the following day my husband was given a pile of magazines, mostly women's ones for me to read!

After leaving work to start a family I was not very good at sticking to the food budget needed for a one salary income, even though it was a good salary!! One day while out shopping I decided I would not overspend as I always did. So I didn't buy any green vegetables. I thought we would just have to make do, until the next pay day. That evening my husband came home with a box of fresh vegetables. He told me someone had brought a pile of vegetables into work. The same person continued to bring in fresh vegetables each week and so God had provided again and shown me that the best way to spend my money was not to overspend!
Since that time my husband, Peter continued to get the vegetables one way or another until we were both working full time again.

One Saturday in 1991, I felt like asking Peter to bring some beans home with the weekend vegetables but I didn't because we didn't really need them. We had plenty of silver beet in the garden. On Sunday my mother arrived for a visit and guess what she had brought with her? A large bag of beans!