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Testimonies by Jennifer Phillips

While over in New Zealand, I wanted to see my mother’s ex-vicar again. I knew if the Lord wanted me to speak to her, He would arrange it and I thought maybe I’d just see her in town sometime. Well we went to the movies and guess who just happened to have bought the seats right next to mine - this very lady and her husband. I was able to tell her what I wanted to tell her. It was an amazing miracle.


I walked back from town to my mother's place and didn’t know the gate code. I had a blister so didn’t want to walk the long way round. There was a long road on the other side up to the gate. I stopped and immediately a lady appeared. I hadn’t seen her walking up to the gate in front of me and I had looked to see if anyone was around. The lady opened the gate and I told her I didn’t remember the code. She said she didn’t either. She just pressed the buttons. She walked out and I walked in. It was so miraculous and timely, I felt God’s goodness to me. No one had been at the gate at the same time before or since then and the gate didn't open when I tried pressing any buttons.

Two weekends ago I lost my clip-on glasses. I looked 4 times in my purse. When we were in Brisbane again, I went back to the Hotel (where I last had them) and asked about them. Nothing there. Back home I looked around the house again. Nothing. So, I asked God to send an angel to find them and put them back in my purse. Well He did. Today I thought my purse seemed heavier than normal and when I opened it, there were my glasses sitting on top as if someone had just dropped them in. How amazing God is.

I'd started propagating African violets but none of the plants had flowered, not even the original one I had been given. They all sat sadly in their pots on our kitchen window sill. Suddenly while reading the Bible one day, I was filled with joy and when I came into the kitchen I noticed that all my African violets had bloomed. I was amazed and delighted.

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