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Testimonies by Jennifer Phillips

One of the assignments I had do for a Diploma in IT was to produce a film. This included writing the script, gaining permission to film on the locations, talent scouting, filming and editing it. I spent a number of days feeling very anxious about this. I had never written a movie script before and did not even own a suitable camera. Well my tax rebate arrived just in time, so on the day we were supposed to take our cameras to the course, I was able to buy one. The lecturer was then able to show me how to operate it (I am glad the expert was there when I first unpacked the camera!).

We were to work in groups and so selected our team to make the film. We agreed that the bus stop would be a good location. But that was as far as we got with the story. Both my team members ended up pulling out of the course so I was left to make the film alone.

I had no idea what to write, so I took some books out of the library. I read them but didn't find any good ideas. Time was running out. I had one day left in which to write the script. I prayed and then began to think about what the main “predicament” could be. What situation makes people really curious? I thought that when someone gets a letter or a message those around can be curious as to what it is. So I decided that wanting to find out what is in an envelope could be a predicament, and the story developed from there and was ready for the following day “group” reading and critique. I was pleased with the story and only a few minor things were still needed, such as developing some of the characters.

The next hurdle was to find the "talent." Having lived in the area a relatively short time I did not have a large network of suitable friends I could ask. I managed after some arm twisting and many changes of heart, to get two of my children to agree to act. I tried unsuccessfully to get them go out with me so I could try out - learn to use the camera! Thankfully they both were in the "yes" mode on the day we choose to do the main shoot.

Someone at Church told me that one of the members was interested in drama so I approached him. He was wonderful. He scouted out the "talent" and gave up his free day to come and act. He also knew a printer and said he would ask him if we could use his premises for one of the scenes! In the meantime I had to get permission from the bus company to use the bus shelter. Well they were wonderful too. They not only gave me permission, but gave me a driver who ended up spending the morning turning his bus on and off and driving us to the location.

Well, what about the weather? I wanted a cloudy day just after the rain, as that, we were told was best for filming. The day before the filming was to take place, it poured down and I was hopeful. I prayed for a good day for filming.

It was raining when I woke up and I thought we might have to cancel. But (God is so wonderful!) the rain stopped and was cloudy.

Next obstacle! The talent didn't all turn up!! So my talent scout – Phil raced off to get someone else without me knowing. The bus driver Peter, suggested stopping at the bus depot and asking. There was one lady not in uniform who was happy to help and all dressed up for a funeral, so we picked her up and headed off to the film location (Bus stop). When we got there Phil arrived with another girl (Jessica), so I thought quickly and realized that we could do one of the scenes we had decided not to do that day, after all. This meant that Phil had to rush off again and get his daughter out of crèche.

I got the filming done just in time. The sun came out and the bus driver had to leave and the lady had the funeral to go to!

The following day I wanted to do another of the main scenes so again wanted a suitable day for visiting Canberra's "Floriade" tulip display. It was. Although the sun was just out it had rained before and so all the flowers looked clean and fresh for the tulip scene.

The person who was going to be the mother had opted out of the course, so I set the camera up and acted it myself!! The camera comes with a remote control but one of my daughter ended up pressing the stop and start button for me.

Now The next "predicament" for me was that the software that came with the camera was not good enough. I really needed to use a Mac and imovie. Well a friend has one and it just so happened that he was going away for 3 weeks so he said I could borrow it. He wanted to learn imovie. I did too and it just so happened that on the last day of school I overheard someone mention that they were going to have a course at school on imovie in the holidays!!! So I went on the course and found out all the things I needed to know for editing the film. I was then able to teach my friend when he returned from holiday.

My movie was one of the few finished in time. You can see it below.

My first movie - The Message

Moral of the story is:
Don’t be anxious. Tell God what you need and trust him to help. He is more than able and willing to give you the things you need when you need them. He is a loving Father.

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