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Testimonies by Jennifer Phillips

The Lord my Healer

Over the years I have had many healings, some instant and some partial, some not so instant and some I am still waiting for.
If we were never unwell, how would we ever come to know the Lord is our Healer?

November 2017
I went to a house meeting and the guest speaker, Peter Kumar, who didn't know me, prophesied a number of things including, “The Lord is healing your bones, your right side, your hip, leg and shoulder." Well Jesus did just that. Afterwards, I was able to mop the floors without the terrible pain in my right side I've had since a car accident in 2006. I've also been able to lie on my right side without the shoulder pain from the surgery following the accident. I was also able to swim backstroke for four lengths. I'd been trying for four years to increase the number of lengths of the pool, but my leg would become numb and not move after nearly two lengths. The disc in my neck, which an xray showed bulging, was also healed. Then I said to the Lord, I also needed the tissue in my neck to be healed as it was still sore turning my head. Well I was lying on my stomach on my bed shortly afterwards and the Holy Spirit said to roll over. I thought that strange, but did so and my head suddenly began vibrating from side to side about 100 k's an hour and afterwards I could turn my head without pain.

17/1/19 I had an infection in my sinus for some time and one night it was so bad, I cried out to God to heal me. As I was going to sleep the Holy Spirit said "I will heal you." When I woke the following morning the pain had gone. The following day the doctor phoned with blood results saying they showed the infection was resistant to the antibiotic she'd given me a a number of days earlier.

2/8/15 A splinter went into my neck. My husband and I tried to get it out but couldn’t. Overnight it changed to a brown colour. I went to the doctor the following day. She thought it was just a mole and told me to try not to touch it. After church the following day Gwen touched my neck in prayer. I agreed asking God for healing. Within a few hours the little black splinter thing came up to the surface. One little scratch with my fingernail removed it.

One of our daughters was terrified of flying after a plane she was in caught on fire. Recently I prayed for her as I normally do but found myself telling the spirit of fear to go in Jesus name. It did. She was able to fly to visit us this year by plane instead of train and bus, which is what she did last year. I told her if she felt afraid again to do what I had done - tell the Spirit of fear to go in Jesus name. Today I read on her Facebook page that she has flown to Adelaide again - second time this year since she lost the phobia, and she said she loves flying "It's the best!" she wrote.

March 2014
We bought some Wii fitness games in the hope that we would use them and become fitter! They turned out to be good for my balance but they made my knees hurt, especially going up or down stairs. Going by train to my Greek classes meant going up and down the many stairs at the train stations and suddenly this was difficult. One day I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it to the lecture. I wondered if I would even be able to continue walking. I paused and cried silently to Jesus for healing and before I had said anything but “Lord!” the pain immediately left my knees and I have been fine ever since.

My brother had a brain hemorrhage when he was 18. He was flown from Mt. Isa hospital to Brisbane. There was bleeding from the surgery to stop the original bleeding and he was unconscious for 2 weeks. The brain surgeon told my mother to let him die. She had 5 other healthy children and he would probably be a vegetable, but my mother did not. She moved into the hospital and cared for him, cleaning his teeth etc. I was very upset. I could not stay in the hospital. I went outside and cried. I begged God not to let him die before becoming a Christian. We shifted to Brisbane to be near him. I asked the church to pray for him too and God answered our prayers. Family and friends helped him to walk and talk again and eventually he became a Christian, married and had children. Click to view his first born son's wedding. His other two children are also in this photo.

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