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Heart Desires
Testimonies by Jennifer Phillips

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

I decided to set aside a day on the long weekend to take photos on the topic of line for an assignment and to take a closer look at the lake; maybe walk around around it. I asked God to help me take some good photos.

The morning of the long weekend arrived and I woke up late. As I was having breakfast I noticed the fog outside and suddenly remembered I had wanted to take a photo of trees on a foggy morning the previous winter. Because of work I couldn't spare the time to do so. This was the first foggy morning I had seen this year. On the very day I'd set aside for taking photos and the fog was still there at 9.30!!

As I set off in the car the song "How lovely are Thy dwelling places" by Bin A Soto came into my mind and my hopes were high, but the fog had lifted from where I thought I would get some good shots. I decided to go on to the lake. The closer I got to the lake the more fog there was. I parked the car and headed towards the water. There was a cross silhouetted against the white of the fog. It was stunningly beautiful.

A man walked past and commented on how cold it was. I replied "but very pretty." The directional lines lead to the cross which is formed by two contrasting lines (a flag pole) that make a statement that wouldn't have been so poignant if the fog hadn't minimized the background noise.

Cross photo by Jennifer Phillips

June 2007
For my birthday this year my daughter gave me just what I had been wanting - an electronic photo frame that can rotate through my digital art images. I had contacted a company asking them if they were interested in making me one a few years before but they were not. Now they can be bought quite easily! When this present arrived the Holy Spirit brought part of a bible verse into my mind. "He will give you the desires of your heart." He had.

July 2008
It was the last day of the school term and we were enjoying a special morning tea. I was eating some salty chippies and noticed that a colleague was drinking coke. I thought, "Coke would be nice". Chippies often make me feel like having a fizzy drink to go with it. After morning tea I went into my department staff room and a colleague was just asking everyone if there was anyone who drank Coke and would like a can. He was cleaning out the fridge and didn't want the last can of Coke. No one answered so I said I would! My walking in the door at that moment was perfect timing! God had given me something I had fleetingly wanted. I remembered the bible verse I had read that morning. God had blessed King David because He "wanted to be kind to him, because of His own great heart" (Chronicles 17:19). God had been kind towards me, not for anything I had done. He had a great heart.

I don't normally buy magazines but one day I felt like reading some. I didn't mention this to anyone but the following day my husband was given a pile of magazines, mostly women's ones for me to read!

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