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Divine Appointments
Testimonies by Jennifer Phillips

On my last two visits to New Zealand, God arranged divine appointments for me with the same person. There had been something the Holy Spirit wanted me to share with a minister who’d recently retired. The Holy Spirit let me know I might just meet her in town. Well we booked seats to see a movie and it just so happened that her and her husband had booked the seats right next to me without knowing we were going, so I was able to share what was on my heart to tell her. I also mentioned a vision I’d had in the church service she was leading, on a previous visit, one of her last there. She wanted me to tell her about it but there wasn’t time. The next time I visited New Zealand, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the vision and I said, I’d share it if I saw her. I thought God just might have arranged another divine appointment. Well He did. It just so happened that she was invited back to lead and preach on the very Sunday I was there. We both recognised the miraculous timing. As a prelude to the vision, God had pointed out some signs, one “in the heavens” signalling what He was about to do, and I’d photographed them. I had taken my camera with me (I hadn’t thought I’d need my camera at church the previous Sunday and hadn’t taken it when the Holy Spirit reminded me to. I discovered I did need it but immediately after church and so I took it when he reminded me this time.) I showed the photos and shared the vision. I’ve recorded it here: Vision

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