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Inspirational Christian Testimonies by Jennifer Phillips

January 2009
The freezer stopped working. I prayed that the meat wouldn’t thaw. God answered my prayer. We had an extremely cold day for January. The kitchen was like an ice-box, but it was warm in the lounge. The meat didn’t thaw.

At our church camp we were praying for the needs of the world. The Holy Spirit put a need into my mind and I prayed out loud that God would open the doors that were set hard against His word and that He would open closed doors so aid would get to the places where it was needed. After the weekend on the way to work I spoke out the bible verse, declaring it: “Open up you ancient doors and let the King of glory come in”. On the following Saturday the Canberra Times newspaper had the following headline: “Burma opens door to aid workers at last”. Many people must have prayed for this situation but God placed it in my mind just before it happened and timed it so I would see the results. We only buy the paper on Saturday! The timing of my prayer, and seeing God answer, reminded me of a similar answer to prayer.

In 1989 I was leading a church service and found myself publicly praying for walls to come down. Many people had prayed for years for the Berlin wall to come down, but God put it into my mind to pray concerning walls, just before it happened. He shares His heart with His people and His timing is perfect for all the things He does.

It was a very hot day. I prayed for a cooler evening because we were having guests over for an Australia Day barbeque. About 4.30 a cloud came over and so the temperature was perfect.

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