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The Lord sends an angel 2021

“Let me lead you through the chemo, Jesus said.” His voice was so tender. It drew me close. “Oh no! Not cancer,” I said, but I remembered how Jesus lay His life down for me, so I gave my life to Him again. I pictured myself taking his hand. I would let Him lead me.

“You didn’t have a fever,” my Doctor said when he came into my hospital room. He had been expecting me to have them.
“No. I asked my church to pray for me, I said.” The doctor said he should repeat the blood tests to see what effect it had on my inflammation.

As he turned to leave, I saw an angel with him. The angel was wearing a white lab or doctors coat. There were things around his hand, pastel coloured boxes. I caught a glimpse of what looked like a syringe in his hand. He moved close to me and something I don't have words for happened. Then he disappeared very quickly out the door with the doctor and as he did, I felt something collapse where the groin lumps were. I touched it and one of the lumps was smaller.

A few days later I was diagnosed with Diffuse, large B cell lymphoma. The lumps were very enlarged lymph nodes. I had cancer.

After the fourth lot of chemo, I had another CT scan and the the inguinal lymph nodes I'd felt collapse had completely resolved. Others had only a partial resolution.

At the end of December 2021, after six lots of chemo, I asked the Lord if I was healed of cancer. Then I fell into a deep sleep and woke suddenly to the words “I am healed, ” in the song “God You’re so good.” I’d left the music on. Hope rose in me.

The scans in January 2022 reported complete remission, confirming the word of the Lord.

Phillips in hospital Phillips in hospital

Christmas day 2021 in hospital. January 2022 Scans.


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