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Inspirational Christian Testimonies 
by Jennifer Phillips

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Peleh Yo'etz - Wonderful, Counselor. God Speaks In Many Ways

The first Summer after moving to Canberra, I lost a number of plants and trees as I didn't realize how much I needed to water the garden. One summer I heard God speak into my mind the words, "I will water your garden." That whole summer at least once a week it rained. We had more rain for that period than we had had for some time. God had spoken. He did water my garden and I didn't need to.

In my daily bible reading I had read about God giving a double portion.

You will receive a double measure of wealth instead of your shame. You will sing about your wealth instead of being disgraced. That is why you will have a double measure of wealth in your land. You will have everlasting joy. Isaiah 61:7

The words "I will double your wealth" kept coming into my mind and I felt sure God was going to give us a double portion.
We were setting off on holiday and I pondered the word on the journey. By the end of our holiday I'd decided that double wealth didn't refer to money but to wellbeing, to joy.
When we got home we had an unexpected visitor. A student from the local school came round and told me I had doubled my investment. I didn't know what I had invested. She said that a year ago I have given a $1. The students had used all the "investments" to run a business as part of their studies and had doubled the money given. She gave me $2. I laughed. I had given what I thought was a donation and never thought of it again and here it was returned to me a double portion! God did mean money. Within a few years we also saw our material assets and the equity in them double. We ended up with 2 houses and 2 commercial properties. God did what He said He would ... and in 2010 after I stopped breathing and died in hospital, I heard God say the word 'wellbeing.' As I looked down on my grey, dead body, I saw pin pricks of coloured light going into my face and the colour began to return. God put me back in my body giving me a double portion of life too!

When Aimee was about 3 months old we decided to have a holiday in Australia. I was anxious about the sun. I didn't want our new baby to get sun burnt. As I was doing my daily bible reading I read the words, "The sun will not smite you by day." Psalm 121:6. I was encouraged as I believed God was speaking to me.

When we went to Australia, it was Christmas. The first Australian summer I experienced as a teenager had been hot and I got terribly sunburnt and the last time I'd been in Sydney, was in January and there had been a heat wave. Well, while we were there they had an unusual amount of cloud for that time of year. It rained as well, cooling the air (and preventing us from having a barbeque in the sun, and being barbequed by the sun). Aimee slept most of the day in her covered pram (and woke up about 10 times during the night for feeds). This worked out very well as I didn't need to feed her so often while we were out sight seeing. Even waking up so many times in the night didn't tire me as much as it should have and so the sun didn't "smite us!"


Aimee Natalie 1987When Aimee was five and a half months old she preferred to play with objects that she saw us using. She found them much more interesting than her "toys." One day I put her down on the floor to play with a range of things with her older sister and went into the kitchen to prepare tea.

After a while I noticed how quiet the two girls were and into my mind came an image of Aimee putting small pieces of paper into her mouth and choking on them. I felt impressed to check her. But I thought "she will be ok." Then I remembered how accurate this kind of impression had been in the past so I went in to see how the two girls were. Aimee had managed to pull her sister's clown face puzzle to pieces - which I hadn't thought she was capable of doing, and was just about to put a small piece of puzzle into her mouth. I rescued it from her and praised God for warning me and protecting Aimee.